Reading Club: Early Years Literacy Classes

We deliver early years literacy classes where we teach children to read, write and spell.

We Imagine their Life Grow, and it really truely does with Reading Club.

Explicit teaching is critical to your child being able to understand and this is what we do at Reading Club. We also apply a synthetic phonics approach to delivering early years literacy education. The success of these strategies is supported by a rich source of evidence.

Reading Club: Imagine. Life. Grow.

Your child will develop their reading skills at Reading Club well before embarking upon school. Reading Club helps children to imagine, enriches their lives and nurtures growth – all through reading. Reading skills learnt at Reading Club open up a new and exciting world for your child and will give them great pride in their new found capabilities.

Once at school, Reading Club can continue to provide your child with literacy support through their most crucial years of their primary education. We will support your child by developing and consolidating their spelling, reading and writing skills.

Our prime concern is that your child’s literacy experiences at Reading Club are engaging, stimulating and rewarding.

Why Synthetic Phonics?

What Do We Offer?

We deliver literacy classes where children learn to read.

We provide individual support so that your child learns to link their reading, writing and spelling skills.

affordable, small sized literacy classes where children learn to read write and spell with confidence.

Affordable weekly literacy classes that are tailored for young children aged 3 and up.

Multisensory approach to literacy literacy where children learn to read.

We teach your child to decode the alphabet by learning the sounds of letters. We use explicit teaching methods because we know this is the most effective way to teach your child. Phonics-based activities and games are the cornerstone of our wonderful program.

multi-sensory approach to learning.

Our multi-sensory approach help to embed letter sounds and helps to retain new knowledge. We do this by using art and craft, songs, chants and movement.

Online classes available.

Classes take place weekly in Richmond, Melbourne. But just because we cannot meet in person at the moment, this does not mean we should not meet at all! We are excited to also offer online weekly classes via zoom.

Let us help your child dive into their reading journey today!

Fantastic and fun program that my son started just before he turned 3. Small classes, one dedicated teacher who also runs the classes. Teaches phonics so my son is already connecting the letter to sounds and words around the neighbourhood, much better than other learning by rote things we’ve tried.
Highly recommend!
Looking forward to moving to face to face classes once COVID is done.