Reading Club how children learn to read

How Do Children Learn to Read?

At Reading Club, children learn to read by firstly identifying and manipulating individual sounds (phonemic awareness). Then they build on the relationship between these sounds with the corresponding letters of the alphabet (phonics). Once mastered, these are the skills students need to read, write and spell with confidence.

Reading Club how children learn to read

What Program Does Reading Club Use?

Reading Club has carefully chosen Maureen Pollard’s Little Learners Love Literacy (LLLL) program, as the program has been developed using current literacy research and evidence-based approaches to learning to read. The program also emphasises the importance of explicit teaching and provides students with engaging, colourful learning resources with which to learn.

Learning to read is a complex task. Reading Club introduces children to letters and sounds, providing a simple, fun and engaging approach.

What is the Best Time to Begin Reading?

Children can learn to read as early as they like. We presume as adults that children are not ready nor interested in reading until they are school aged, but many children show an interest in learning to read well before they begin school. Equally, they have the cognitive skills to embark on their reading journeys well before they are school aged and opening up the world of connecting alphabetic sounds with their corresponding symbols is very exciting to children!

Children can start Reading Club once they are 3 years old or older, or when they begin their first year of kinder (3 year old kinder).

Ideally, it is best to start at the beginning of the year when the Reading Club course begins.

However, it is never too late to enrol! The course is structured so that every child will still benefit from entering the program at any time throughout the year.

How is Reading Club Structured?

Reading Club offers classes through the school term, running for 37 weeks (2020). Students would typically attend class once per week in Richmond although we can also cater for those who are interested in multiple classes per week.

At the moment, restrictions are keeping us from meeting in person. But not to worry! Reading Club has developed interactive and engaging lessons online!

Children become sound detectives who go on magical missions, treasure hunts and much more!

Reading Club offers affordable classes tailored to young children, aged 3 and up:

3 Year Old Program

4 Year Old Program (Preprimary)

Early Primary Program