Early Primary Program

early primary program

Early Primary Program

Early Primary Program


  • Up to 60 minutes.
  • Onsite classes in Richmond (temporarily unavailable).
  • Online lessons available.



  • Reflect, revise and assess letter sounds found in Stages 1 through to 4.
  • Picking out and manipulating sounds in words.
  • Blending and segmenting sounds in words, focusing on the initial, middle and final sounds.
  • Develop understanding of letter combinations.
  • Linking letter sounds with letters of the alphabet and connecting this information with writing the letter.
  • Reading level-appropriate decodable text readers.
  • Building children’s knowledge of Heart Words.


  • Warm-up.
  • Circle Time Show & Tell which promotes speaking and listening skills.
  • Introducing the new letter/s or letter combinations of the unit and focusing on letter sound games and activities.
  • Explicit teaching, application and practise of letter combination focus.
  • Music and movement, promoting and interacting with the introduced letter sound in a different context.
  • Art & Craft, promoting and interacting with the introduced letter sound.
  • Handwriting.
  • Let’s Spell: teaching segmenting and sequencing of sounds and matching words.
  • Let’s Write: providing writing opportunities at the word, phrase and sentence level.
  • Phonemic fun activities.
  • Chitter Chatter Chant & Speech Sounds.
  • Storytime.
  • Goodbye Rhyme.


All Reading Club students receive a complimentary:

  • Reading Club bag to bring to class every week.
  • workbook in which to keep all your Reading Club work.
  • access to the LLLL decodable readers for weekly borrowing.
  • copy of laminated Heart Words to practise at home.
  • Reading Club white board and whiteboard marker.

Please Note: All early primary students are required to purchase the book, Milo’s Birthday Surprise picture story book ($29.95), Milo’s Alphabet Games Flashcards ($29.00) and if not already purchased in the preceding year, My Word Detective Book ($6.00) (2020 prices).