Reading wars rage again as Australian Government pushes to introduce phonics test.

The ever-present “synthetic phonics versus whole language” debate has fired up again, as the federal government push towards introducing a phonics test in schools.

I cannot think of a more relevant time in our recent history where early years literacy and the approach we take to teaching our children was so critical.

Many kinder children have missed out on formative school readiness preparation due to COVID. Further, preppies will have also missed out on developing their understanding of what is expected of them as learners in the classroom.

We need to be certain that our approach to teaching basic reading skills is water-tight. Our approach must be evidence-based. We must ensure our teaching methodologies are direct, clear and effective because we do not have the luxury to be complacent with our current cohort of children entering prep, or for any cohort of children, for that matter…

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